A stormy Hallwilersee run

The temperatures provided ideal running conditions as they were no longer unseasonably high. Gusts of wind and occasional rain showers offered a welcome cooldown for the many participants (over 6000!), but posed challenges for the organizers.

The organization was commendable. Before the start, participants could label their bags with clothes using their assigned start numbers. These bags were then kindly transported to the finish. The run commenced in Seengen near Schloss Hallwilersee, passing through Boniswil and continuing along Lake Hallwil to finish at Lido Beinwil am See.

The course began on asphalt but quickly transitioned to gravel and forest trails. The elevation gain was modest at 69 meters. Due to the high number of participants in the 10km run (1008), the run itself was less enjoyable as the paths and trails were quite narrow, resulting in frequent overtaking and being overtaken, making it a somewhat tedious task. Many suggest not focusing on achieving your best time but simply enjoying the experience.

Upon reaching the finish line, the rain was pouring down. Many quickly grabbed something to eat and drink before heading merrily on their way home.


I finished the run with a time of 1:04:23.9, which marked a personal record for me in a 10km race. This experience has given me a deeper appreciation for the runners who completed the 10km run in almost half the time. Like many first-timers, I began the race at a faster pace than I should have, resulting in a slower overall time. I probably could have run negative splits. However, I’ve learned from this, and I’m determined not to make the same mistake next time.

  • Total 423/1008
  • Category M20: 68/77
Forgot to start the Garmin device in all the excitement, missing the first 80m...